Staples (Prelude II)

by Trestan Matel

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Single version.
Written and recorded by Trestan Matel. Mixed and mastered by Nick Warner.


we set our own alarm that day
we set our own alarm and stayed awake

sweaty palms and open bars will tell you nothings changed
but you left sand in my right shoe and a couple coffee stains it’s not the same

my letters got heavier once my lips sealed them shut
it’s in the envelopes, when your voice gets low, and all that keeps you up
in the nights when I’d see you and let the stars go black
cause staring into nothing was better than looking back
we’d sit out on the tar
and watch the sun set on the car
we’d forget to use
we could smell the winter in our clothes
feel the distance in our toes
and untied our shoes

i saw it on the bookshelves, through the windows, the dust
shining through the holes in the walls i built to trust
i saw it in the glory of the skies
and how they’d mimic your eyes
till you shut them in your fragile way
it was in every dial tone
in all i had known
and it’s here to stay

now i’m danglin by a wire plugged into my head
telling me to move forward but its towards you i turn instead
so i’m back standing in that hallway
staring at your door
and i see everything i wrote you
kicked out on the floor
so i write more


released September 23, 2015
Acoustic guitar - Trestan Matel
Lead vocals - Trestan Matel
Backing vocals - Jake Witterschein, Fred Diengott
Bass guitar - Jeff Olson

Written, arranged, recorded, and produced by Trestan Matel.
Mixed and mastered by NicK Warner.



all rights reserved


Trestan Matel Los Angeles, California

Trestan Matel experiences things and then writes about some of them. He also has a tendency to distrust products which claim to be both shampoo and body wash, but uses them regardless from time to time.

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