None But My Own (Home Version)

by Trestan Matel

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Rolled outta bed one morning and this rolled outta me.


Those heavy exhales in our time spent alone
The swears that escape after hangin' up the phone
I'll hide a 'go fuck yourself' in an apology
But still, I'll wait till you get home

I've known nothing better than that look in your eye
But I've seen it twist, and I've seen it cry
We promise lots of things, but we also lie
Waiting for the morning to set things right

Then you'll ask how I'm doing, hopin' for a lie
And I'll say what I'm supposed to when you apologize
And I'll debate what's worse
How this never ends,
Or the fact that I don't mind

And I'll bury a whisper deep in a scream
And you won't hear it, but you'll know what it means
How I hate it when your hair gets in my mouth,
And how I love when your hair gets in my mouth

There's something to blame and it's always mine
And I'll hope you're okay, and say I'm alright
When you and my pain are all I can find
I'm glad they're none but my own
Yeah I'm glad they're none but my own


released September 3, 2014
Written, recorded, etc. by Trestan Matel



all rights reserved


Trestan Matel Los Angeles, California

Trestan Matel experiences things and then writes about some of them. He also has a tendency to distrust products which claim to be both shampoo and body wash, but uses them regardless from time to time.

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